I’m excited to be running for Montgomery County Council, a next step in a life dedicated to progressive activism and public service.

This is an important office – responsible for a $5.6 billion annual budget – but also charged with improving the quality of life for all county residents. I will deliver the competent, experienced, visionary leadership our county needs, now more than ever.

What have I done? As a City Council member in Takoma Park, I introduced trail-blazing legislation to:

  • ban cosmetic lawncare pesticide use.
  • enact 16-year-old voting and voting rights for ex-felons.
  • ban polystyrene food service ware and expand recycling.

I led efforts to:

  • promote right-size local development.
  • expand library and community services.
  • create a public food-waste composting program.
  • promote environmental sustainability.

That’s why Seventh State says, “It’s obvious that he would be ready to serve on the County Council from day one.”

What will I do? As a councilmember, I will advance

  • school quality
  • transportation options
  • affordable housing
  • economic opportunity
  • childcare availability
  • environmentalism

with a special focus on equity, effective government, and support for our neighbors with the greatest needs.

I will build on my experience as a Takoma Park City Council member and my many years of community service, harnassing the talent, energy, and good will of our county’s residents, businesses, and government. Together, we will promote:

Smart Growth – Housing, retail, and office development – linked to transit, school, and infrastructure build-out – preserving greenspace, trees, and parks.

Effective Government – Your tax dollars spent wisely, equitably, and transparently.

Opportunity for All – Business and job growth, access to quality education, protection of our immigrant neighbors, and policies that foster community entrepreneurship.

And by the way… I have opted in to Montgomery County public finance. I don’t take PAC, developer, or special interest contributions. I believe in clean politics, not rule by big money.

I look forward to working with you to create an even better Montgomery County!