Where I have succeeded, it has been by promoting great community-sourced ideas, backed by data-driven arguments and common sense, that come together through coalition building and teamwork.

Safe Grow at the 4th of July paradeI am proud of my legislative record. Key accomplishments:

  • Working with local activists to craft Takoma Park’s Safe Grow lawncare pesticide law and turn the ban into Montgomery County law!
  • Winning $2.3 million in federal transportation-alternatives funding for the Flower Avenue Green Street and Ethan Allen Gateway projects.
  • Advancing revitalization in Takoma Junction, first as task force co-chair, later as a city council member.
  • Expanding library hours, creating a city position to support seniors and disabled residents, beefing up city parking enforcement.
  • Promoting fiscal responsibility. Takoma Park raised property taxes a total 1.2% – well below the inflation rate – in my four years on the council and paid extra toward the city’s unfunded police-pension liability.
  • Delivering excellent constituent services, ranging from getting the State Highway Administration to create new crosswalks to helping community organizers win $4,000 Montgomery County funding for the Lunch and Learn summer program.

Community endorsements:

Mike Tidwell (founder, Chesapeake Climate Action Network)
Marion Edey (founder, League of Conservation Voters)
Caren Madsen (chair, Conservation Montgomery)
Brenda Platt (affiliation: Institute for Local Self Reliance)
Manuel De La Rosa (affiliation: Shepherd’s Table)
Dallas Burtraw (affiliation: Resources for the Future)
Lindsey Parsons (affiliation: Real Food for Kids – Montgomery)
Diana & Howard Kohn

My proudest accomplishment is my record. Here’s what former constituents said in November 2013, when I last ran for reelection to the Takoma Park City Council:

“Seth is a model of commitment to the public good, hard work, and intelligent progressive leadership. His decency and integrity are beyond question.” – Jamie Raskin, then Maryland Senator for District 20

“I have nothing but praise for Seth, for his responsiveness, creativity, and hard work.” – George Leventhal, at-large Montgomery County Councilmember

“Whether it’s the environment, seniors, voter access, or preserving our communities, he has been a visionary, strong, and successful advocate.” – Heather Mizeur, then Maryland Delegate for District 20

“Seth responds to residents’ concerns, is a leader in issues that matter to constituents, and is dedicated to community building. We at Victory Tower have the highest regard for Seth.” – Jackie Davison, President, Victory Tower Senior Association

“Seth has done everything I would hope my elected official would do: Listened to our concerns, helped devise solutions, and worked tirelessly to see the results enacted. He effectively advocated for our community kitchen project at the neighborhood, city, county, and state levels.” – Jill Feasley, elder, Takoma Park Presbyterian Church

“Seth’s willingness to fight and protect our neighborhoods is impressive, as shown by his instincts, leadership, strength and courage on the 410 issue, Montgomery College interactions, and now, the Takoma Metro Station development. I’m very grateful that he is serving our community.” – Lorraine Pearsall, Vice President, Historic Takoma Inc.

“Seth has been an energetic supporter of Takoma Park businesses and a leader in revitalization of the Takoma Junction area. It’s great to have him on our side.” – Rocco Casagrande, President, Old Takoma Business Association

“The support, advice, and help of Mr. Seth Grimes was very important to me, while exploring the problems senior citizens face who want to remain in their homes. Seth worked very effectively with the City Administration in establishing a half time community outreach position to assist seniors.” – Wolfgang Mergner, founder, the Village of Takoma Park


County Council testimony in support of Bill 52-14, the Healthy Lawns Act