My strength is promoting common-sense community-sourced ideas, backed by data and a keen sense of cost-benefit, that come together through coalition building and teamwork.

Seth Grimes & Julie Taddeo for Bill 52-14, Safe GrowI am proud of my legislative record as a two-term Takoma Park City Council member. Key accomplishments:

  • Working with community advocates to craft Takoma Park’s Safe Grow lawncare pesticide law and turn the ban into Montgomery County law!
  • Initiating voting reforms including 16-year-old voting, candidate door-knocking in apartment building, and ex-felon voting.
  • Helping the city win $2.3 million in federal transportation-alternatives funding for the Flower Avenue Green Street and Ethan Allen Gateway projects.
  • Advancing revitalization: via 2015 studies that kicked off the (stalled) process for creating a new New Hampshire Avenue Recreation Center; as Takoma Junction Task Force co-chair and later as a council Takoma Junction lead. 
  • (In 2015, I was the only council member who opposed developer NDC’s creation of a layby service lane and elimination of apartments from the site plan.)
  • Leading the effort to open the library on Sundays and helping launch the library renovation now underway.
  • Winning council backing for a city position to support seniors and disabled residents.
  • Promoting fiscal responsibility. Takoma Park raised property taxes a total 1.2% – well below the inflation rate – in my four years on the council and paid extra toward the city’s unfunded police-pension liability.
  • Delivering excellent constituent services, ranging from getting the State Highway Administration to create new crosswalks to helping community organizers win Montgomery County grant funding for the Lunch and Learn summer program.

2020 Azalea Awards write-up from Small Things MatterWhat have I done since leaving the council, in 2016-22? Here are examples:

My proudest accomplishment is my record. Here’s what constituents said in November 2013, when I last ran for reelection to the Takoma Park City Council:

“Seth is a model of commitment to the public good, hard work, and intelligent progressive leadership. His decency and integrity are beyond question.” – Jamie Raskin, then Maryland Senator for District 20

“I have nothing but praise for Seth, for his responsiveness, creativity, and hard work.” – George Leventhal, then an at-large Montgomery County Councilmember

“Whether it’s the environment, seniors, voter access, or preserving our communities, he has been a visionary, strong, and successful advocate.” – Heather Mizeur, then Maryland Delegate for District 20

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Seth Grimes testifies before the Montgomery County Council